Ashley Kieffer


Typographic Identity

“Methodical Tinkerer”
a symbol of dividers as a tool for deliberately detailed work, can be simple or ornate in nature

As a designer, I seek to frame a message through a delicate balance of legibility and expression. Through set type and illustrative elements, I aim to create balance through that contrast. Each project naturally demands a different approach but I want my attention to detail and craft to always resonate through the final product. I hope to utilize sustainable design in my future work by creating products that are effective and have a long lifetime. Graphic design is communication. Finding a way to communicate most effectively to the population in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way is my goal for sustainable design.

As part of the creative process of being a designer, I am constantly seeking inspiration from experienced graphic designers. As Edgar Kauffman stated in his Twelve Precepts of Modern Design, modern design should be practical, express the spirit of our times, benefit from advances in the fine arts and pure sciences, not try to be something it is not, and it should serve as wide a public as possible. I like his concept of simplicity and efficiency. I aim to make designs that are straightforward and reach its target audience. It is my goal to also create designs that embrace the culture of my client. The materials I use will be chosen based on the design’s purpose and not try to make it have an elaborate or unnecessarily complex appearance, unless that supports the purpose behind the design.